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I'm Nick Green. I'm a professional writer. My background is in screenwriting and copywriting.

Background and related professions


As a professional screenwriter I developed, and am still developing, a strong sense of how drama works, and why. That means I also know why some drama doesn't work.


As a copywriter I honed my passion for the English language with hundreds of assignments. I wrote copy of all sorts for some of the world's biggest brands and many niche businesses.



Drama is present within, and crucial to, visual and verbal communication of any sort. A visceral bond must be created between the reader/viewer and the characters and situations they are experiencing. An emotional response must be elicited. People must be triggerred.

What I can do for you


All this brings me to why you should hire me today to ghost-write your text. As an experienced ghostwriter for hire, I can strip away all redundant words sensitively. Less will become more. I will also hone and polish the remaining text into a concise manuscript if that's required, or a more inventive examination of the potential of the English language to convey meaning if need be. Because that potential is limitless when the writer is good. 


I am good. I can prove it.

Results and process


I can prove my professional writing skills with written portfolio. This will adduce my innate talent and huge experience. I can also demonstrate my writing abilities by rewriting a test sample of the text you wish to have ghost-written. I can guarantee excellent results for a reasonable price, which we can negotiate. After I have ghost-written it, your novel manuscript will have a better chance of being noticed by publishers or agents. Your non-fiction manuscript will be better placed to stand up to the examination of those you are writing for.


Please contact me to find out more.

How to get in touch


            T/WhatsApp/Signal/Telegram: UK 07973 698736




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